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Alice Roosevelt Longworth ~ Teddy Roosevelt's Daughter ~ "T.R. was so distraught by his double loss (his wife and mother) that he moved to North Dakota for 2 years, leaving Alice in the care of his sister, Bamie (Anna Cowles). Bamie, a.k.a. "Auntie Bye", was a key stabilizing figure throughout Alice's life. Indeed, Alice remarked later in life: "There is always someone in every family who keeps it together. In ours, it was Auntie Bye."


ODEX - For Morticians Use Instantly destroys odors of cancer, gangrene, carbuncle, brights's disease, bed sores, uric acid, drowned bodies, gun shot, and other putrid and disagreeable odors. Apply directly to source of odor.


President Theodore Roosevelt's diary entry the day his wife died. On Valentine's Day of 1884, just 36 hours after the birth of their only daughter, Alice, 25-year-old future U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt held his young wife in his arms as she passed away from undiagnosed Bright's disease. Incredibly, just hours before, in the same house, he had already said a final goodbye to his mother, Martha. She had succumbed to Typhoid, aged just 48.


What Are the Seven Acupressure Points to Suppress Appetite?

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Understand Bright's Disease

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Textured foundation planting

This foundation planting can handle the tough, hot conditions created by lots of concrete. And on top of adding lots of color, the plants in this plan provide tons of interesting texture, from the disease-resistant shrub roses to the attention-grabbing grasses. Don’t want to take care of containers? Trellises and vines with large flowers or leaves will add height contrast, instead.


Isaac C. Parker, aka the Hanging Judge, 1896 AD, Age 58, Bright's Disease, interred in Fort Smith National Cemetery, Arkansas


#29 Ellen Axson Wilson(May 15,1860- August 6, 1914),first wife of Woodrow Wilson,was First Lady of the US from 1913 until her death.Thomas Woodrow Wilson first saw her when he was about three and she was only a baby.Wilson, aged 28, married Ellen, aged 25, on June 24,1885,she died from Bright's disease in the White House on August 6, 1914.The Wilsons had three daughters