Bright star fireworks

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Festive Fireworks - long fiery red woolen felt scarf with bright stars in the white and yellow of merino wool by LanAArt

Gemini Specs Glasses Star of David: See All the World Through "Jewish" Eyes! by Gemini. $2.95. These unique holographic glasses let you see a Star of David when looking at bright points of light. They work well with city lights, candles and fireworks. Does not work when looking at Fluorescent lamps or bulbs or lighting. Entertaining and fun for any party, holiday celebration(Chanukah!) or other occasion.

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Glows bright star and light fireworks. Flash and glow, sparkle illuminated, flare effect, shine explosion, glitter and twinkle, spark magic. Christmas decoration star burst transparent vector illustration

Red Mercury Airbomb by Bright Star Fireworks | Epic Fireworks | Flickr

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WOW! Medallion center, narrow border, a row of simple blocks, narrow solid border, then a row around of these, narrow contrast border so it's around the top edge of the bed, then another narrow border and row of blocks or white, and a matching sawtooth border to the stats. Use white on white different colors for seasonal look!

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