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Know how to use an electric smoker with wood chips although your smoker is not designed for it. Wood chips help to add great smokey flavor.


The Brinkman 810-7080-8 Gourmet Electric Smoker and Grill is a great smoker which is really easy to use. No messing with charcoal which can be...


to use the loving smoker more efficiently it needs cleaning periodically. in this post i discuss how to clean bbq electric smoker from top to bottom for you.


Brinkmann Electric Smoker - Smoked Chicken HOW-TO. This is how to smoke chicken on a Brinkmann Electric Smoker. It's easy to smoke a couple of whole chickens on the Brinkmann smoker but I did a whole chicken on the bottom rack and chicken drumsticks on the top rack. They turned out tender and fantastic! Please share this video and enjoy my other BBQ smoking videos too! Filmed with Panasonic HC-V100M camera in 1080P HD.