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The First World War Aviation £2 coin remembers The Royal Flying Corps and its contribution to the defence of Britain’s skies in the First World War using new aircraft technology.

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Map Of UK And Ireland | Map of UK Counties in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, and in addition ...

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The British coin, the farthing, in use in Britain since the 13th century, ceased to be legal tender at midnight on this day 31st December, 1960

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Rick Steves agrees! Just get it at the ATM. Also, have some of your own currency handy, just in case. And spend your Euros at the airport rather than exchange them back to dollars.

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The Ultimate London Travel Guide

What to Expect in London! Language: English is by far the most spoken language in the city. Currency: The British Pound, which is usually exchanged at around 1.65 US Dollars per pound.

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The remains of John of Gaunt's Great Hall, Kenilworth Castle. John of Gaunt owned much land and is considered the richest man in medieval history, worth an astounding 10 billion dollars in today's currency.

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On the 15th of February 1971 Britain went Decimal. I remember going to the corner shop and feeling very strange, like handling foreign currency for the first time.

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Get ready for new 12-sided £1, firms are warned

The 12-sided coin has been created in a bid to halt the current trade in counterfeit coins

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