Lost Legacy of the British Black Panthers / Photos: Neil Kenlock / The BBP's Darcus Howe. Its important for Black people to tell their own story/s, to teach their stories with empowering purpose and truth. DN PORTER #black history # black power #black uk

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In the Mid-1960s | The British Black Panther Party, was educating their communities and fighting discrimination. Outright racist laws that threatened to repatriate entire swathes of the Black population were being pushed into place, and sections of the white middle classes were resentful towards the Black Community. But the BBP – based in Brixton, south London – helped to change all that, educating British Black people about their history and giving them a voice to speak out against…

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Lost Legacy of the British Black Panthers / Photos: Neil Kenlock / BBP member Eddie Lecointe with a placard raising awareness of police brutality.

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Black and British by David Bygott; Black and British is the moving account of the history of the Afro-Caribbean community in the United Kingdom. It describes the struggle for freedom and dignity, both in the Caribbean and in Britain; it looks at the achievements of individuals, past and present; and it shows how racism remains, as it has done in the past, an everyday fact of life.

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Home page for UK / British Black History Month collection.

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Nike advert for American Black History Month. Really shows how little mainstream companies and organisations acknowledge British Black History Month.

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