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The flag of British Columbia was officially adopted in 1960. The flag is in essence an armorial banner of the Arms of the Province (granted in 1906) and topped by a Union Jack. The sun represents the glory of the province, while the wavy blue lines represent the Pacific Ocean and the province's position on the western coastline of Canada.


NEW 3x5 British Columbia Province Canada Flag 3 x 5 by NationalCountryFlags. $5.04. Lightweight and great for hanging inside and out doors. Brand new 3' x 5' (36" x 60") Polyester British Columbia flag. Includes 2 Brass grommets for hanging!. Double sewn edges for durability. The Flag of British Columbia, Canada is based upon the shield of the provincial arms of British Columbia. At the top of the flag is a rendition of the Union Flag, defaced in the centre by a crown, represe...