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British National Party loses last remaining district councillor #british #national #party #loses #remaining #district #councillor

British National Party comes ‘back from the dead’ for London Mayoral election

Bloody Nasty People: The Rise of Britains Far Right By Daniel Trilling - The past decade saw the rise of the British National Party, the country's most successful ever far-right political movement, and the emergence of the anti-Islamic English Defence League. Taking aim at asylum seekers, Muslims, 'enforced multiculturalism' and benefit 'scroungers', these groups have been working overtime to shift the blame for the nation's ills onto the shoulders of the vulnerable.

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Immigration should not be blamed for our woes

At the time of the 1997 election, Mori's issue tracker recorded those citing race or immigration as the most important issue at 3%; by 2009, that had risen to 38%. A year later, the British National Party had attracted half a million votes. Poor management, ignoring fears and a lack of appropriate policy response fuelled the far right.

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Nick Griffin Is Now Voting For UKIP

Nick Griffin, the former leader of the far-right British National Party, has said he will vote for UKIP in the future. | Nick Griffin Is Now Voting For UKIP