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British Punk

More staples of punk fashion- bright, garish coloured hair, spikes, chains, pattern trousers/leggings/skirt (tartan was, and still is, particular popular) and of course, the infamous Mohawk.


Sid Vicious and Dave Vanian watching Vivienne Westwood getting beaten at a Sex Pistols show 1976. Paul Saint Savage: "That guy's about to get a beat down in a few seconds from SEX shop workers and friends as well as the band. I read stories that she was antagonizing that dude for having long hair." Hervé Labyre: " Westwood started a fight with members of the audience (rumours say it was because she was feeling "bored") and that's how things went. McLaren then joined, and the band followed.


I like the over and to the side lighting in this photo. This would be a great day look.


The dude in the cowboy shirt. Good thing those candles aren't lit. (Electric Wizard, via Encyclopaedia Metallum)