To make a frame for a pic of the bride & groom at the entrance. Broken Glass Craft...After it dried I went back over all the glass with the Mod Podge. I piled it on pretty thick and let it run into the cracks to fill them.

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Learn our 3 EASY steps to fixing your broken ceramics! Imitation Kintsugi! Love it!

Projects for Decorating Serving Tray. use beach glass, inside of a box or catchall or thrifted thing

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close up of mosiac window using colored broken glass and adhered using a silicone base clear gel. This particular adhesive is waterproof, so can hang it outside in garden. Little ones in plastic dollar store frames for a craft class? 8 frames, silicone, gloves, and save all my colored glass bottles for a couple of months and find interesting colored vases at the thrift store.

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Broken mirror art! Supplies needed: mirror , hot glue gun and hot glue, canvas, hammer and sheet ( sheet will help contain the broken glass) all credit goes to Danielle Sorrell

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