The Outsiders. Soda is secretly broken, Johnny doesn't want to see bad things happen to others like it has to him and Dally knows the ways of the world through the hard way.

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Hallelujah..there is actually a video out there of this of a preacher signing it at a wedding as a surprise for the bride, its amazing!

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One of my all time favorite movies <3 Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken... The book is titled "A Girl & 5 Brave Horses" (also very good).

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Broken (2013) just watched. Very different movie but it's totally on par with Never Let Me Go and how it made me feel. I don't even have words to express. This movie was fantastic though and I am just on thought overload now

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Corpse bride, love this movie when it came out and I just realized that ghost in the mirror by MIW has these lyrics in their song

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Keanu Reeves "John Wick" and Daisy(which so happens to be the type of dog that I would like to have one day )

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― Kill Your Darlings (2013)William: Show me the man who is both sober and happy, and I will show you the crinkled anus of a lying asshole.

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