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I like the idea of a window that looks punched through for the cover, maybe with Io just visible behind it

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Sunsets reflected in broken mirrors

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After suffocating McMurphy, Chief Bromden finally escapes from the ward by breaking through a window, a feat that shows his immense strength.

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Prism of Equilibrium - Chapter 1 : The Wound

Like the way the focus is on the glass and the figure in the background is mysterious leaving you to draw your own conclusions on who he is and what has happened

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This is a great question and I actually know the answer!!I have done "broken windows" before and the best thing I've found is to take the frosted contact paper and cut it apart to look like fractured glass. This works really well because you can apply it to the inside or outside of the window. The semi-transparent frosted contact paper takes on the appearance of the "glass" while the actual glass pane (which is transparent) disapears. I really li

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