"How I Reversed My Mom's Emphysema" http://www.emphysema-treatments.com Details my mother's struggles and eventual recovery from emphysema and COPD. "Approaching the treatment of emphysema as if it is a pathogen introduced into the lungs by smoking resulted in improvements in only two weeks and a complete recovery in 17 months!" Read the amazing story combining logic with determination! #copd, #emphysema

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20 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Pneumonia (No. 5 is More Effective Than Most Antibiotic Treatment) Read more: http://dailyhealthpost.com/natural-cures-for-pneumonia/#ixzz3Qd4IX7S3 Follow us: @dailyhealthpost on Twitter | dailyhealthpost on Facebook

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Asthma Breathe Easier With Home Remedies steam treatment asthma Benzoin Resin * Butterbur * Calamus root * Coffee * Colt's Foot * Elecampane * Epimedium * Garlic * Ginkgo biloba * Lobelia * Stinging Nettle * Bronchitis Soother Coltsfoot Tea Forskolin Extracts Ginkgo biloba tea Holy Basil Tea Onion and vinegar poultice Stinging Nettle tea There are many old fashioned home remedies that open the lungs and help asthmatics breathe easier. You need look no further than the kitchen.

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