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Alluka is adorable. She's one of my favorite characters, and Killua is the only one who uses feminine pronouns when talking about her. I like that because it shows he is the only one who accepts that she identifies as a woman even though physically she is male. It shows who really loves her, and her family can suck it because they treated her like crap, and continuously call her "master" or "him." Adorable brother and sister relationship.


Awww! You know, some people should learn from this... But they are not the people who would watch this show. *shrug* Funny, that...


I dunno. I think Natasha and Tony will forgive each other eventually, but the trust among ALL of them will take a long time to repair, if it is ever repaired. This movie left many relationships strained, if not shattered completely.

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I was very jealous of the hugs Dean and Sam gave Charlie. I want gigantic brotherly Winchester hugs. They look very comforting and awesome.