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I cant help it...they might be pains in the neck all the time but im still their big brother. Always gonna protect them...and if im not doing it they got their sister to do it for me;) @Noodles

Exactly why I married my best friend. ♥ I love you baby. Too sweet. :)

To each one of our babies, my brothers, my sister, my Bobby, my mom, my dad and the many other loved ones God has blessed me with over the years - You each and every one have a special place in my heart that only you can fill. I love you.

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Big Sister Little Brother by iSTICKerTHAT on Etsy

I love my little brother(and older) more than he will ever know. I'm so glad my baby girl has a little brother too it's the best thing in the world

Sometimes being a SISTER is even better than being a PRINCESS, Sisters, Girl, Bedroom, Playroom, Sign, Decor. $35.00, via Etsy.

Missing my Mother today. But then, I remembered she would rather that I be laughing instead of crying, so I went outside and attempted to "Double Dutch" jump rope with a whole bunch of kids. Good to know, I've still got skills... :) ~~ Houston Foodlovers Book Club

He is my hero! A great uncle, an amazing husband and an even better father! I love that little shithead!

I loved you too much to just be your friend so God made me your sister wood sign.

It is a sisters job to annoy her brother, no matter how old they are...........

Love this, and my brothers. I realize that, throughout life, they are the number one people who are going to be there for me, and I love it.

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My sister said this is ME!!!! TIDSOPTIMIST. (n) a person who is always late because they think they have more time than they do; a time optimist. This may be the best description of me ever. 28 Beautiful Words The English Language Should Steal

This is SO, SO true!! Life just wouldn't be the same without my amazing brother & sister!

Loving this Cream & Brown 'Brothers & Sisters' Wall Sign on #zulily! #zulilyfinds

Crew neck Krazy Sister Sweatshirt... I need this

I have the best big brother in the world! He is a godly leader, amazing role model and gives great advice! Yeah, we do fight over stupid stuff but no one else better mess with the other or we will getcha! :p love you josh!

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Ke, everyone is happy because it's the new year. I want to be happy too ke but my heart is crying because I miss you so much.

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Being Brother & Sister Means Being There For Each Other.

Shirl, my love for you is stronger today than in all our 40 years that we shared together as sisters. I miss my best friend. R.I.P. January 7, 1940 - October 30, 1988. ♥ ♥ ♥

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