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Brother and Sister tattoo

This are the tattoos my brother and i are getting. The sun and moom represent brother and sister Apollo and Artemis and it says "fratellino" and "sorella" which is "little brother" and "big sister" in italian

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brother and sister keeper tattoo awww i really really like this not sure about the design but love the wording



60 Brother Sister Tattoo That Will Melt Your Heart but with a hooka in the middle

Love this on @crnyng! So beautiful!

Saro' li per te. "I'll be there for you" sibling tattoo. Wishing my brother would get these with meeee.

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I'll be your wings... And I'll be your anchor. I really like this saying for a partner tattoo. I prefer other anchor, feather & lettering designs that I have pinned to my board.....

Big dipper, little dipper sister tattoo

my brother and sister keeper tattoo

My dad, my brother, and I might get something to this effect because our last name is Petersen, and when my dad was in the Air Force, they called him "Pete." He then called my brother "Repeat" and then me "Three-peat." Even though it's supposed to be a video game type of thing, it always works with our last name.

Sisters but it wouldn't be as effective with only two

sister brother tattoo ideas

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simple sign language I love you tattoo, for my little brother <3

switch the adjectives.............. ....My Brother's Keeper

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