Brothers And Sisters Cast

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Like I mean my parents were on brodway my brother does theater for a living I do theater make up(and do theater) and my brother josh teaches dance....

Emeraude Toubia and Matthew Daddario || Shadowhunters cast || Isabelle Sophia Lightwood and Alexander Gideon Lightwood || Izzy Lightwood and Alec Lightwood || Lightwood Siblings

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17 of the Most Sexual Divergent Jokes and Memes You'll Ever See

ansel, good luck keeping shailene's character name straight for the divergent series the fault in our stars

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Me and my nephew are 4 years and 3 months apart and we r like brother and sister, me being dean him Sam. Son of a bitch

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I'm going to end up trying for hours to get that thing out and then some cast member will come up and be like "Oh honey, it doesn't come out. You probably heard the rumors. Have a good day" then walk off

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