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1742 British Long land pattern flintlock musket (Brown Bess) at the National Army Museum, London - From the curators' comments: "The Long Land Pattern, commonly called the 'Brown Bess', was the standard British Army musket for most of the eighteenth century....he Brown Bess weighed about five kilograms and fired a ball weighing about 40g. It had an effective range of about 80m. Muskets were most effective when they were fired in volleys (large numbers of men all firing at the same time)."


Brown Bess .75 Caliber Flintlock Musket The Brown Bess was the principal weapon used by English troops during the colonization of Indian and American territories. The smooth bore, 41 15/61 inch round barrel is made of polished steel. The buttplate, trigger guard assembly, ramrod ferrels and forend cap are highly polished brass. The lock and hammer are made of finely polished steel. The wood is European walnut with an oil finish. Weight: 8.82 lbs


Brown Bess. India Pattern musket was the standard arm for ordinary soldiers (other ranks) in the British Infantry. About three million were made between 1793 and the end of 1815. It was the most common weapon that the British Army used in its 20-year war against France.