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An inquiry into modes of existence : an anthropology of the moderns / Bruno Latour ; translated by Catherine Porter.

pin 1 Bruno Latour, 2013 - Choosing Friends From Foes at the Time of the Anthroposcene

Bruno Latour: We Have Never Been Modern. I don't get that about how postmodern practises " does not distance us any more " because it certainly does. The rest of it I concur with?

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Bakteriologie und Moderne. Studien zur Biopolitik des Unsichtbaren, 1870-1930 |

Prince of Networks: Bruno Latour and Metaphysics, by Graham Harman, is a book about how each thing has a potential all it's own beyond its normative use. This hidden yet real potential is what Graham Harman calls tool-being, the scope of real projects any given tool is able to facilitate is called its network, a tool's being exceeds it's network but still the network is what we know of the tool. I think Pinterest is a great place to explore these concepts because it's all about the hidden…