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SHED: Smaller Healthy Efficient Dwelling | Check out the SALA blog post where Bryan Anderson explains why we should build more SHEDs.

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Viking Spirit in Colorado

Viking Spirit in Creede, Colorado - Whimsical Boathouse Reminiscent of Norwegian Stave Churches - Built by Bryan Anderson for Julie Augur

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Designer Bryan Anderson referenced Victorian, Art Nouveau, Celtic, Viking, and Maori design in this Norwegian-style boathouse in Colorado, including this upstairs bedroom and sitting area.

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bryan ferry - after recording maybe the most perfect album ever with Roxy Music - Avalon - goes on to put out 2 solo cds that match Avalon on intensity and sensuality - Boys and Girls and Bete Noir.

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Jan 2: Today I'm grateful for my husband who used the better part of his day to move our stuff into the house and for adding that homey feeling to our new place. It looks like a place I want to spend time. Thank you Bryan Anderson!

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lol so true ! @Carrie Mcknelly Mcknelly Mcknelly Mcknelly Mcknelly you do this all the time!!

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