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Bubblegum XL Strain Review An extra large and extra vigorous version of the highly popular Bubblegum strain. She has a sweeter aroma and taste when compared to the standard Bubblegum strain and while her genetics make her have more of a sativa dominance, the high is nicely balanced. The most pleasing aspect of the Bubblegum XL strain is obviously... #cannabis #StrainGrade #marijuana #pot #weed #strains #dank

Bubblegum Strain -

the solid bubblegum strain a daytime smoke and a easy plant to grow we say it a nice beginner strain.


bubblegum strain


Bubblegum(strain born in Indiana)


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Bubblegummer Strain Review A long standing and close relative of the legendary…


Bubblegum martinis! ~ served on a platter of, (what else?) gum balls! RECIPE FOR BUBBLEGUM MARTINIS: 2 oz. bubblegum flavoured vodka, 1 oz. ginger ale, 1 oz. cranberry juice. Shake with ice, strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish.

BOG Bubble is an indica-dominant cross of two phenotypes of Bubble Gum developed by B.O.G. Seeds. This plant generally produces big dense acorn buds that are generally a deep forest green and covered in rusty red pistils, and the aroma of this strain is a distinct berry bubblegum that tastes exactly the same. The effects of BOG Bubble begin with a euphoric and hazy head effect that transitions to a full-body sedative buzz that lulls you to sleep.  Patients who use cannabis to treat their...