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Cosmological Scroll, Rubin Museum: Geographic Origin Tibet Medium Pigments on cloth. This eight-panel, double-sided scroll presents diagrams exploring various aspects of the cosmos as described in the Buddhist text called the Wheel of Time (Kalachakra) Tantra. This tantra emphasizes the correlations between the outward appearances of the universe and the human body.

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biscodeja-vu: My friend brought home a similar style book from China. Monk with buddhist text at Gyantse Monastery, Tibet. Photo by Steve McCurry.

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[detail: right half of door] "Higashi Hongan-ji Interior Door. Higashi Hongan-ji is a Jōdo Shinshū (True Pure Land) Buddhist temple in Kyoto. Founded in 1321" Text and photography by Rekishi no Tabi on Flickr

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Kharoshthi script was in use in Indic areas by the 3rd C. BCE to write Gandhari and Sanskrit. Based on the Aramaic alphabet, read right to left, modified for Indic sounds. Used extensively along the Silk Road by Sogdians, Indo-Sythians and others. King Ashoka, emperor in the Mauryan dynasty of India, used it in edicts and to write parts of some of the earliest Buddhist texts known. Shown: paper strip with writing in Kharoshthi script. 2-5th C. CE, Yingpan, Tarim Basin, Xinjiang Museum.

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Hot heated motion graphics inspiration

84000 // Words of the Buddha. The non-profit, 84000, has an enormous task ahead of them: tackling the 95% of Buddhist texts that have never ...

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14th C. Chinese Buddhist monk Xuanzang 602-664 (Tang dynasty), travelled for17 years in India seeking original buddhist texts. Tokyo National Museum.

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O-mikuji or Sacred Lots 1910s, Japan. O-mikuji (おみくじ) is a form of divination that relies on random chance to predict the answer to a question. Traditionally, a small box with a slot in one end is shaken until a bamboo stick falls out. The stick has a number that corresponds to a slip of paper on which the fortune is revealed. Text and image via Blue Ruin 1 on Flickr

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