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DIY All Natural Bug Bite Relief Balm- this stuff is a must for summertime mosquito bites!! It's like After Bite but natural!


An Effective Natural Remedy for Severe Mosquito Bites

My son's severe reaction to bug bites (in particular mosquito). The only thing I've found to help (drastically) was the application of lavender EO


15 Home Remedies for Bug Bites and Stings

Home Remedies for Bug Bites and Stings - use these items from around your home and yard to reduce pain, swelling and itching from bug bites and stings.


Calendula for Insect Bites, Cuts & Skin Irritations: Amazing Benefits

Try this Soothing Insect Bite Balm Recipe with Calendula Oil! Calendula plant uses anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties to reduce the swelling of insect bites:


How To Get Rid Of A Swollen Lip Fast

Prev post1 of 3Next A fat lip can be embarrassing and painful. It may be accompanied by bleeding and cuts, and can cause difficulty eating, drinking, talking or even opening your mouth. The swelling usually occurs due to some kind of trauma to the soft tissue of the lips. Other causes include extreme weather conditions,


Best trick ever for mosquito bites....As soon as you feel the itch of the mosquito bite, rub a glue stick on it. The itch will go away in 15 minutes and it won't come back at all! The swelling of the bump goes down, as well. No idea why this works, but it's amazing! No more itchy bug bites that last a week, with me scratching my skin raw.