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from The Survival Mom

18 Tips For Buying an Affordable & Usable Property for Getting Out of Dodge - Survival Mom

When it all hits the fan, an affordable bug out location will be a huge advantage. But how do you find one that is affordable? 18 tips right here...


Having a cache in route to your bug out location can be helpful even if you are able to get to your bug out bag and hang on to it during the initial emergency as you can only carry so much!


Not all bug out locations are created equal. Some are better than others. The best ones have all 7 of these must have qualities... BONUS: I also show you 2 step by step examples how to go about finding one of these best bug out locations.

from Urban Survival Site

What To Do If You Don't Have A Bug Out Location

If you can afford a remote piece of land or if you have friends in the countryside, great. But what are those of us without a bug-out-location to do?

from Knowledge Weighs Nothing

DIY Survival Earth Shelter Dwelling

The thing is, you can’t see how awesome this underground shelter/bunker is from this photo alone, nor can you see how simple and straightforward it is to build if you have basic DIY skills… A shelter like this would great for your secret bug-out location. This is a about as low-tech as it gets, this …


How To Build Your Own River Pump - If SHTF and the power goes this will still work and pump water with no electricity. This is vital if you plan to stay put either at a bug out location or a temporary residence.


Doggie Bug out Bag. Pets need the same things we do: food, shelter, water. Make sure Fido's prepared. We may think when the SHTF we'll just cut 'em loose, but who has the heart to do that!