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2015- Google-like Database of Material Properties aims to Accelerate Innovation. A graphical representation of a new elastic properties dataset, showing volume per atom (represented by arrow direction), shear modulus (x-axis), bulk modulus (y-axis), and Poisson’s ratio (color) for all the compounds calculated. For comparison, the actual values for diamond, the hardest known material, as well as other compounds, are also plotted.

Bulk modulus (K) Young's modulus (E) Lamé's Shear modulus (G) Poisson's ratio (nu) conversion formulas :


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Diamonds may be strong, but aggregated diamond nanorods (what I call amorphous fullerene) are stronger. Amorphous fullerene has a isothermal bulk modulus of 491 gigapascals (GPa), compared to diamond's 442 GPa. As we see in the image, the nanoscale structure of the fullerene gives it a beautiful iridescent appearance. Fullerenes can be made substantially stronger than diamond, but for greater energy cost. After a "Diamond Age", we may eventually transition to a "Fullerene Age" as our…