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“A Hunting Lynx, 1895.” This was one of the Gaekwad of Baroda’s hunting caracals. Like the cheetahs, it was brought to the hunting field on a bulla cart. (Source for image.)

Superb Repoussed Silver Bowl Burma, circa 1870 This is a superb Burmese silver thabeik bowl. The repousse work shows two short scenes and one very long one. On small scene appears to show a princess or queen being beckoned to leave her sitting platform or throne. The next shows here in a traditional bullock driven wooden cart. The remainder of the bowl - almost all the way around - is taken up by a single, epic battle scene.


Bullock cart memories In one of my holidays I been to a package called ‘Bullock Cart Discoveries’ includes a visit to the farmlands of a village in the valleys beyond the Periyar Tiger Reserve in a…