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Bumpy Rash

from Scratch Mommy

DIY Soothing Tooshie Salve (works for YOUR skin, too) - Knock out diaper rash

Soothing Tooshie Salve - Beeswax – 1 oz, Cocoa Butter – 1 oz, Avocado Oil – 2 oz, Coconut Oil – 3 oz, Vitamin E – 1-2 t, 10 drops EOs - tea tree & lavender


Pink Bumpy Rash - What's My Analysis? - What Can This Purple Bumpy Rash Be? It may be disturbing to get up and end up with pink spots that itch in your physique. Typically the very first thing you consider doing goes on-line to take a look at the photographs. Sadly, many rashes look comparable. Even my dermatologist advised me...

How to alleviate or, better yet, avoid an encounter with poison ivy - Scouting magazine


My 8 month old child has a red, bumpy rash on his cheeks. Is this #eczema? - #AskRx


I have greatly struggled with skin conditions and rashes for the past decade - I would get violent rash flare-ups on my face in response to food allergies, stress, illness, hormone imbalance or just at random, several times a year. These rashes would be incredibly uncomfortable, red, itchy, bumpy, and hard to heal. When the rashes weren't flared up, I still had a subtle, bumpy irritated texture in a few spots that I always covered up with makeup.


LUSH - Buffy // For those who have ever suffered from the incurable tiny red bumps on the back of their arms and legs (called keratosis pilaris), hives, eczema, psoriasis, "chicken skin", razor burn, or any type of rash-like bumps. I've found the cure, and it's LUSH Cosmetics, obviously! via


How to Take Care of a Heat Rash for a Bulldog

Cover red, bumpy rashes with a diaper rash cream that contains zinc oxide. - - - How to treat heat rash.


Hot tubs, like all great things in life, come with inherent risks; dehydration and drowning come to mind. However, a more insidious danger is also present, one that hot tub users should be just as vigilant against: hot tub folliculitis, or hot tub rash. Hot Tub Folliculitis: Prevention and Treatment