Bungie : News : Destiny Drawing Board: Silver Dollar MK.35

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Destiny 2 confirmed for Fall 2017 Great news Guardians! Activision has recently confirmed the release forDestiny 2. The original release date was set for September 2016 but was pushed back to sometime in 2017. With no details regardingDestiny 2were left to wonder about its current state. Activision Blizzard just had their Fourth Quarter earnings and announced that Destiny 2 will be released this fall. Other than the launch window no other specifics were provided. Activision CEO Eric…

'Majority of the Team at Bungie' Working on Destiny 2 - IGN News

âDestinyâ Beta GoesLive for PreOrder Holders in July - The highly anticipated beta test for Bungie's new game 'Destiny' will go live in July, first for PlayStation pre-order holders.Click to continue reading Destiny Beta

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