This is not necessary but some might find it useful. This is what we use and it works for us. How to make your own litter screen using garden plastic mesh fabric (from Home Depot/hardware store in the garden department). You can cut the plastic mesh to the size of the litter box. We can get away with plastic mesh because our buns don't chew. Litter training and bunny care tips on our website #bunnymamatips

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Ways to brighten up your bunnies home! Fab products for your bunny for their home. For UK products visit here browse Fun Things Accessories For US products visit here browse Accessories Toys

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As an example, a rabbit could have 1 egg cup of pellets and a pile of hay per day, plus a selection of vegetables. One day it might be a cauliflower leaf and fresh basil/parsley and another day blackberry leaves, fresh grass and a small carrot.

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