hypogeum \ hahy-puh-JEE-uhm, hip-uh- \ , noun; 1. an underground burial chamber. 2. Ancient Architecture . the underground part of a building, as a vault.

Temple - a burial vault of family of prince YUsupovs - a landlords of homestead Archangelskое. It was built after the death of Prince Nicholas Youssoupoff in 1908. It was intended to be the family's resting place, however fate would dictate otherwise. No one was ever buried in the vault and today it stands as a reminder of a mother's grief.


St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle The burial site of King Henry VIII. The black slab in the isle is the tomb marker of his vault, shared with Jane Seymour,


Lincoln's Original receiving vault shortly after his death on May 4, 1865. Abraham Lincoln - Sixteenth United States President. [original burial site]

The Imperial Crypt of the Hapsburg Dynasty in Vienna Austria. The Imperial Crypt is located beneath the Capuchin Church and is intended for members of Austria’s former Habsburg dynasty, who have been laid to rest in the crypt since 1633. 149 Habsburgs, including 12 emperors as well as 19 empresses and queens, have their final resting place here. WienTourismus/Willfried Gredler-Oxenbauer


The Moving Coffins of Chase Vault. Here is an interesting burial vault in which the coffins were found to be moved everytime it was opened. Head to this link to learn more: http://www.theparanormalguide.com/blog/the-moving-coffins-of-chase-vault

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