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Burmese pythons have been reported from the saline glades and mangroves at the south end of Everglades National Park since the 1980s. The actual mechanism of introduction is not known, however it is likely that Burmese pythons escaped from a breeding facility that was destroyed during Hurricane Andrew. It is also likely that pet pythons have been released in and around the Everglades.

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The Snakes That Ate Florida

Burmese pythons are gobbling up all the animals — then heading north. “The Snakes That Ate Florida” is published by Andy Warner in The Nib


How Snakes Lost Their Legs

Burmese python and the DNA sequence responsible for limb loss.

Albino Burmese pythons are readily available but grow up to be huge snakes. This is one of the snakes that need a healthy dose of caution, so think twice (or more) before getting one as a pet. Though Burmese pythons are generally quite docile, they are incredibly strong, and it just takes a single mistake in handling them (especially at feeding time when they are hungry) to have disastrous results. Sadly, increasing numbers of Burmese pythons are being dumped by owners

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Photos: Giant Pythons Invade Everglades

Nonnative Burmese pythons can compete directly with other top predators in the Everglades ecosystem, such as this American alligator.