Every stylish girl who grew up in the '80's had a hair crimper- love it! I wish I still had mine, mmm, burning hair smell. Reminds me of high school dances! (Shannon!)

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It's substance abuse, EDs, burning, hair pulling, medical overdose, swallowing sharp objects, intentionally getting into fights or dangerous situations, punching... and so much more! I have NEVER EVER met anyone with a mental illness who has not, at some point, hurt themselves in order to cope with feelings and anxiety!! And still very few of them get diagnosed with selfharm..! - NJ

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Pet hair is apart of my daily life. I have no problem with pet hair on every single surface in my house. After all, I have one of the breeds on the list of top twenty dogs that shed so if I didn’t have pet hair everywhere it would be a concern. However, I do …

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Black Cat on a Celtic Moon Celtic Knot woodburned by ArtisIgnis, €16.00

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1980s Hair Crimper. Oh how I can remember the smell of burning hair! HAHA @Amanda Blasko I burnt your forehead and your dad was so pissed HAHA

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