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Harvest to Table's Cucumber Growing Problems: Troubleshooting article with descriptions, causes and treatments. OK! THIS is why my cucumber plants (every single one) were chewed off at the stem. Paper collar tip to prevent. (Bummer - I really wish I had done more research last season.)

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Sweet Pickle Relish

Sweet Pickle Relish Recipe - - "After much experimentation with ingredients and ratios, this is my favorite sweet pickle relish. I usually can it when the burpless cukes from the garden get away from me."

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Cucumber Tender Green Burpless- Heirloom has been around for over 80 years- This fruit is sweet, tender, non-bitter and acid free. If cucumbers bother your digestion this is a burpless variety. This is medium green, smooth skin, blocky fruit is at its best when harvest 8” or less. This makes nice pickles too if picked smaller.

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Garden Sweet Burpless Cucumber Seeds

Garden Sweet Burpless Cucumber Seeds Vining plants resist downy and powdery mildew. 10- to 12-inch cukes are smooth, deep green, and absolutely delicious. 55 days from direct-sowing. Burpless cucumbers with delectable flavor and huge yields are almost unheard-of, but thats what Garden Sweet brings to the table! This vigorous vining plant delivers armloads of the most delicious cukes you will ever eat, all entirely bitter- and burp-free!

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Garden Sweet Burpless Cucumber Plant - Slicing Cucumber

55 day. Burpless slicing cucumbers, free from bitterness, that has been popular for over 80 years! A fine burpless cucumber seed.

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