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Bush Approval Rating

Remember when the entire country (liberals) kept saying that Obama had a higher approval rating than George W. Bush? Well, looks like they turned out to be liars and once again were peddling fake news, as they love to accuse others of doing. According to a recent Pew poll, Obama's approval r

Obama Approval Ratings: How He Rates Against Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Bush Sr. And Ronald Reagan

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Bush Approval Rating Pulls Even with Obama

Bush Approval Rating Pulls Even with Obama | George W. Bush | Fox Nation...About time more see the true President..Thank you President Bush!!!

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George W. Bush’s approval rating just hit a 7-year high. Here’s how.

RIP Barney U.S. President George W. Bush sits in his pickup truck with his Scottish Terrier Barney, while vacationing on his ranch in Crawford, Texas, August Bush was departing from a news conference with his economic team. REUTERS/Rick Wilking

Headlines - Rambling Man | As the Iraqi war heads into its senior year, President George W. Bush's approval rating has hit a senior slump.

Hot Dog Bush Don’t “misunderestimate” George W. Bush’s entreprenurial spirit! Help the President feed patriots patriotic food in this fun game. Work your way around the East Coast slinging hot dogs to Americans on the go. Rememeber to keep your approval rating in mind, don’t burn the weiners or frustrate too many patrons. Stay the course in Hot Dog Bush!