Make Up by Ania Milczarczyk

Not gonna groom my eyebrows bec bushy brows are ✔

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It was such a beautiful day today.everyone was outside doing something fun except me because I had to spend it writing an essay

Literally have been sleeping all day (lol @ my medication.... How hot!)

Literally have been sleeping all day (lol @ my medication.

bushy eyebrows - Pesquisa Google #makeup #eyebrows #natural

Can we bring natural thick brows back please? This one needs a little cleaning up but love her brows nonetheless

Hooded Eyes

beauty insider: how to create YOUR PERFECT BROWS

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Bushy Eyebrows Are Sexy

Bushy Eyebrows Are Sexy

The New 'It' Girls You Need to Know: Taylor Hill's bold brows and messy updo


would love for my eyebrows to grow back, wouldn't have to wear mascara or eyeshadow!