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1-KP Preppers, hunters, and even farmers understand the importance of having quality tools made specifically for certain jobs. A good knife is important whether you raise your own chicken, beef or other meat, or you are a hunter or angler who simply enjoys filling your own freezer. When it comes to butchering meat or filleting fish, a good knife set is a must have for any do-it-yourselfer.


and then I laugh when everyone else can't cook and I'm making gourmet meals! Muahahahaha

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Medieval Professions

Illustration of a Butcher, Hans Lengenfelder - From the House Books of the Nuremberg Twelve Brothers Foundation, records of a charitable foundation started in the city of Nuremberg in 1388. The foundation would take 12 poor and needy people and provide them with training in a trade. Starting around 1425 their books would contain one-page illustration of the people they had helped, usually giving their name and what profession they were in. - Nuremburg, Germany - c. 1425-1450