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LEMON BUTTON FERN - Low light (no direct afternoon sun), keep soil moist, soil should be peat moss mixed with potting soil/well draining, high humidity, mist only if home air is dry, fertilize spring/early fall once every month, 60-85 degrees, 1ft tall, 1 1/2 ft wide, non-toxic to pets, lemon scent

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Button Fern (Pellaea rotundifolia) - to 10 inches, An upright-growing fern with small, rounded leaves that line its wiry, burgundy-red stems. Grows well in low light and average room temperature. A live plant in a three-inch pot - $10 each

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Lemon Button Fern. Nephrolepsis cordifolia. Zones 8-9. Grows to 6"H.Part shade…

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Helecho botón-Pellaea rotundifolia

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Lemon Button Fern:

Image of Button Fern

Image of Button Fern