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Lovely Button Necklace There are 49 polished MOP buttons. Elegant and graceful with tiny blue and natural colored beads threaded in between. Lightweight for comfortable wear. Total length is 17". (There is 13" of shell length with approx. 4" of chain extension) The length can be adjusted for your preference. Claw style clasp.

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This button necklace is an adorable, quick and easy DIY gift! No special expertise is required, just some buttons, ribbon and a little finesse.

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Beach Beauty,Teal Peacock Blue Bib-Style Statement Button Necklace,Dangling,Beach Wedding,Aqua,Repurposed Shell Button Necklace,OOAK

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Wire-wrapping Tutorial: How to Wire Wrap Buttons to Make an Easy Pendant

CTC(Minerva) Step 3: Annotate the characters actions and behaviors.-In the text it says,"She picked it up, turned it around, and then set it back down in my palm. 'I don't want your charity.' I felt a tightness in my chest. 'It's just a friendship button'(Alvarez 14)." This shows Minerva noticing she is poor and tries to give her a button as a gift which shows she is considerate.

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button necklace tutorial--Suzanne, today I was thinking about your idea of button confetti and I told Dad you (or you could ask Aunt Laurie!) could make a necklace out of buttons. Then my cousin pinned this on her wall. It would be a perfect way to keep a keepsake from your wedding.

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Hand wired necklace made with resin pendant with charms, vintage buttons and freshwater pearls.

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