Mermaid blanket in blue marle

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Finfolk Productions Hmm... A mermaid tail... If I could swim I would definitely wear this. More

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The Aries Witch ♈ merbella studios inc silicone mermaid tails, tops and accessories

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Swimmable Mermaid Tails image search results If I were a Mermaid and could chose my tail, this would be it!

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I am Claire, princess of the merpeople. I'm 22 and love to swim (obviously), sing, and explore. Im fun, perky, but also very serious and hardworking. Soon I will take on my mother's job as queen. I rarely ever take human form to go above, but I will if necessary. I have two best dolphin friends, named Marina and Sebastian.

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Webbed swimming gloves. Swim as fast as you would have if you’d been born with webbed fingers. Amazon: $13.00

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