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Here are over 70 video clips to teach the different zones. All clips are already broken up into the corresponding zone. Many of the clips are from recent movies (to help with student buy-in and entertain while teaching). The clips are all only a few minutes long so they dont take up too much time and can be fit into a short time period.

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How To Crochet Easy Patterns For Beginners

How to Crochet Easy Patterns for Beginners buying your first Crochet Hook

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Equivalent Fractions Song & Music Video FOR Elementary School Students ★ Great Math Center Idea ★ Save 70% by buying our full library of lesson materials and animated videos: <-- Link Works

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I watched the entire thing and boi it was gr8

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When you're a celebrity, every part of you life is in the spotlight, the good parts and the bad parts. While most of these deaths were accidents, they also could have been avoided with some more responsibility. Check it out...

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Trico has a mind of her own by on @DeviantArt

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Nessy Reading Strategy: 'ed' past tense I really like these "Nessy Reading" videos!

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Chocolate is Toxic to Dogs and Other Pets

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Can You Bite Your Own Nose? NO, ofcourse not! But look, this man can.

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