World War 2 poster featuring Mickey Mouse, encouraging purchase of Defense Bonds and Savings Stamps to help finance the war.

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WWI nurses poster, "Help Save Our Boys" - encouraging people to buy bonds, November 1918.

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This shows how women were helping out during the war in multiple ways. One of the ways was by making bombs and other materials needed and filling in factory positions that the men had left behind when they had left to war. The second way that women helped during the war was by buying victory bonds and encouraging other people and women with loved ones at war to buy them as well.

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"I'm making bombs and buying bonds!" Buy Victory Bonds -- WWII propaganda poster

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War Bond Poster from 1943 World War II, Let 'em have it. Buy extra bonds; heading text over a remarkable painting by American artist Bernard Perlin of a U.S. Army soldier throwing a grenade at the enemy in the heat of battle; smaller text reads we bought extra war bonds 4th war loan, Official U.S. Treasury Poster, U.S. Government Printing Office 1943, full color 14 x 10 inches ; Click for larger printable copyright free graphic file of this artwork of an American Soldier tossing a grenade…

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Maybe I should make a collection of "And you?" posters. (""And you? Buy Victory Bonds" Canada c. 1942-1945")

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a propaganda aliada na ii guerra mundial

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