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A new batch of emojis have finally arrived! But which one are you? Take this quiz and you shall find out!

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What's your role in a magical fairytale? Find out now by answering these short questions! (5 questions)

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What is your inner mermaid? Take this quiz to find out! I got dolphin mermaid

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NO WAYYYYY (I took the "What Ice Cream Flavour are you" Buzzfeed quiz, AND IT GAVE ME MY FAVOURITE FLAVOUR!

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I got Water! that is actually pretty cool cause I grew up loving water. I am basically either in the ocean or pool everyday of my life. My dream is to be a mermaid(;

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I got: Katniss Everdeen! You are a strong, independent survivalist who is good at thinking outside the box. You are usually very logical and rarely lets your emotion get in the way. Although you are cold, sarcastic and cynical and not good at making friends, when you have one you are there to protect them no matter what. Way to go GIRL ON FIRE! Which Famous Book Character Are You?

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Always wondering what part you would play in the old, crazy classic? Well, here is your chance to find out!

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