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Cabbage Patch Hat

All Sizes of Cabbage Patch Hat pattern #cabbagepatchpattern

How to DIY Cute Crochet Cabbage Patch Hats | LIKE Us on Facebook ==>

free pattern cabbage patch hat wig | ... of the Cabbage Patch Kids' hair and now makes the wigs in all colours

  • Diane Eberly

    Great thanks.

  • Carole Abbey

    Even if it's not a free pattern it's not hard to do. Do your basic beanie until about the last 4 rows then loops stitch around. Piece of cake. For pig tails I wrap yarn around a book, tie the top slide off book and cut the bottom then you can cinch the middle of pony tail with another piece of yarn. Fasten to hat on either side and add your ribbons.

  • Diane Eberly

    I don't think it's free!

I found the pattern! This is the cabbage patch doll I had as a kid! So excited to do this!! Dana Mosby-Brown

  • Cyndi York

    Not one that I have found sorry!

  • Monica Cook

    Do they have a pattern for knitting??

  • Fran Harrell

    So adorable❤️

  • Amber Ouillette

    I had the exact same cabbage patch! Same outfit and everything, still have her too!

  • Cyndi York

    So glad! I haven't tried it yet. I'm still working on the beanies that have been ordered lol! Let me know how it goes! God bless!

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cabbage patch crochet hat free pattern | Of Pinks and Fairy Tales: Cabbage Patch Kids Hat

These Cabbage Patch hats are button cute and imagine the fun photos you can take! Check out the FREE Pattern.

basic crochet baby beanie (in the round with bulky yarn)... free instructions at

Cabbage Patch Doll Hat Tutorial | i

cabage patch kid inspired hat - pattern for sale - Ravelry...I still have my doll from when I was little...luv it!

Little Miss Curly Q hat - Just make a basic beanie and add some curls and bows, reminds me of a Cabbage Patch Kid *Inspiration*

  • Delores Kujawa

    Love it! This has to be my next project.

  • Linda Solberg

    So clever - it just made me laugh out loud - very sweet

  • Tina Smith

    Susan Logsdon that's so awesome. I'm thinking about making one for myself - lol.

  • Susan Logsdon

    My grandmother made these for my daughers 30+ years ago! Brings back memories!

Cabbage Patch Hat Pattern Improved

Free pattern Cabbage Patch Hat for Halloween! | Grow Sew Happy

Cabbage Patch Knit Hat Pattern | Cabbage Patch Wigs: For Everyone Who Feels the 1980s Came and Went Far ...

OMGOSH......CABBAGE PATCH KIDS hats.....just tOOoOOooO CUTE!!!!!! :-) she has an ETSY shop where her crochet pattern is available!! so click through for the link...... VERY cool--->"one of her customers makes them for children who have cancer and have lost their hair because of chemotherapy."♥

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How to Make the Cabbage Patch Kids-Inspired Hat

How to Crochet a single loop stitch for Cabbage Patch Hat - YouTube Instructions for 2nd and continuing rows starts around 13 to 14 minutes.

Free crochet cabbage patch kid hat pattern

Baby Hat Pigtail Wig Cabbage Patch Costume Photo Props by YumbabY

This is sooooo cute! Baby Hat Crochet Hat Pattern Look Like Raggedy Ann wig by Amarmi, $5.00

Kids Hat, Beanie Wig, Children, Toddler, Pageant Costume, Cabbage Patch Inspired, Photo Props baby Clothes

Baby Hat Pigtail Wig Cabbage Patch Costume Photo Props by YumbabY, $19.95

crocheted cabbage patch hats - Google Search

Cabbage Patch Crochet Hat