1984 Cabbage Patch Kids Boy Twins

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Cabbage Patch Kids. I ALWAYS took mine to the dentist with me because I was scared. Haha. Her name was Mavis Amanda

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Vintage CABBAGE PATCH KIDS YOUNG ASTRONAUT Boy Brown Eyes Hair CPK Doll NIB 1986 #Coleco #DollswithClothingAccessories

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Looks similar to my Estra Julia except mine had ponytails instead of braids and had the Kung fu grip to hold a crayon.

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Vintage 80's Cabbage Patch Kid 3 Position Rocker Carrier..boy they had it rough!

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'My Cabbage Patch Kids are my children': Collector, 41, shows off his array of 600 dolls he has been amassing since the 80s

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Another pinned wrote: SearsWishbook- I found a site that has old wishbooks, from the 1930's to the 1980s. Fun Fun!!

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Vintage 1982 Cabbage Patch Kid Boy Doll //Little Farmer Boy Doll / Collectible Doll

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