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Cable arrangement

Modern Cable Organizers Offering Convenient and Practical Office Storage and Orgaization Solutions

Cord Management Straps | There's nothing more frustrating than getting your desk or media arrangement just right only to notice a thick mess of cords | Hide them with these self-adhesive managers.


Free - Pretty arrangement of cables. Ravelry: Project Gallery for Love and Liquor pattern by General Hogbuffer


Probabably the best option. Professional, easy to stack. Deciding on a size to big means to much nice things to fill it with to small and make it look not worth having perfect size and weight can't have items in it that will melt in heat or break in cold.the way to figure out a size is to decide what you want in it and arrange the items how you want them then measure based on that


This is an amazing winter wedding cake by krissy_kze. The fisherman knit sweater was done by braiding spaghetti thin pieces of fondant. The patience required for this cake is far beyond my comprehension.