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Cable Exercises are great, because you have constant tension through out the entire movement. Better on the joints too, as cable prevent jerkiness and you get a better range of motion. You should always have a cable finishing move for all your workout exercises. SHOULDER WORKOUT with Cable Exercises


6 Shoulder Exercises using the Cables! Unique and guaranteed to build some beautiful shoulders for bikini season! Click to visit the website… plus get more free tips & tricks for health and fitness!


Shoulder Exercises: shoulder press, cable lat raise, front raise, reverse flyes

shoulder exercise: cable side lateral raise bruhlade

shoulder exercise: cable front shoulder raise punisher

from Men's Health

The Best Exercises for Your Shoulders

Cable Face Pull


My favourite two shoulder exercises Rear delt cable fly & side lateral dumbell raises. I had the BEST shoulder session today... PB's on everything and even smashed out some random unassisted wide grip chin ups mid workout Try a superset Max reps on each of these shoulder exercises #teampowerfit (Yes I'm bopping toward the end as it was buuurrnnniiinnnnggggg!) Love training with my gf Laurie @ryderwear @glovegirl

Shoulder Day w/ Pregnant Core Movements 💥 •1/2 Kneeling KB Lift Incorporating thoracic rotation 👌🏻 Absolutely LOVE this exercise! •Seated Dumbbell Shoulder work •Cable Dead Bug Alternating Leg Extensions Avoid arching your back as this means you have lost control of abdominal bracing. Slow and very much controlled. You should see NO "pyramid" or "coning" of your stomach. •Cable Dead Bug Pullover Again, watch for arching of the back. •Cable Dead Bug Alternating Leg Extensions w/Bosu If you…