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Cain And Abel

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Sin Will Touch Others ~ Genesis 4 (Cain and Abel Object Lesson

{Drop one drop of red food coloring into the water. Let it mix on its own.} Cain was angry, and while he and Abel were out in the field, he killed Abel. Later God came to him and asked, “Where is Abel?” Cain responded with, “I don’t know. Am I my brother’s keeper?” God then told Cain that Abel’s blood was calling out from the ground. The life is in the blood. And Abel’s blood, life, was now spilled.


Cain and Abel Bible Lesson Review Game from - Children decide which cup the craft stick with a decriptive word on it belongs in.

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Old Testament Worksheets

Bible Worksheets - Old Testament


Cain and Abel. The Book of Genesis Chapters 4 by Peter Hui, via Behance. - Mais


Cain and Abel: a story of jealously. This packet is a sample of my Bible packets. It includes:Page 1: CoverPage 2: Story background, key points to makePage 3-4: Posters of Cain and AbelPage 5-8: Bubble Map with Answer KeyPage 9: CreditsIn my classroom, I reduce the size of the bubble maps for the student's Bible interactive notebook.