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Calcium Carbonate Side Effects

High-dose schizophrenia treatment crosses blood-brain barrier


Calcium & Nexium

esomeprazole / Nexium can soften the bones. it may have an adverse side effect -- reducing calcium absorption in your body. If you take Nexium, it's important to discuss with your physician how it may impact your calcium intake needs... talk to your doctor about switching from calcium carbonate to calcium citrate supplements... calcium citrate does not require stomach acid for absorption into the body... you should take no more than 500 and 600 mg at a time to retain absorption


Strange Side Effects: Blame It on the Meds

Gas-Passing Prescriptions There are few drug side effects more annoying than a sudden attack of bloating followed by flatulence. Abdominal bloating can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing. Medications that contain the sugars lactulose or sorbitol, which are used to treat constipation, can cause bloating, as can over-the-counter antacids with calcium carbonate, such as Tums and Rolaids. Prilosec (omeprazole), a commonly prescribed heartburn medication, also has bloating as a drug side…


Side Effects of Eating Too Many Tums

Tums is the brand name for the generic, over-the-counter supplement calcium carbonate. This antacid treatment is indicated to alleviate symptoms associated with heartburn such as upset stomach or burning chest pain, and it may also serve as a calcium supplement. Consuming too many Tums may result in a calcium carbonate overdose and may cause...


Vitamin B12 Deficiency & Neurological Symptoms

Signs & Symptoms of Neurological Damage From Low Vitamin B12 Read more:


Superimposed Elemental Imaging (SEI™) of the membrane cross-section. The top layer (blue) is calcium carbonate. The polysulfone layer (pink) of the membrane had separated from the non-woven support structure. Calcium carbonate crystals are clearly visible on the permeate side, indicating that calcium and alkalinity were not being effectively rejected by the membrane.

Statin Disaster, Heart Disease and Magnesium - Change in Cholesterol Recommendations


Calcium Deficiency? Don't supplement calcium -- supplement things that help calcium uptake.

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Calcium Citrate & Vitamin D

Calcium Citrate is more easily absorbed that Calcium Oxide or Carbonate. 1000 mg/day. Calcium is important for normal nerve transmission. NOTE: Magnesium can cause diarrhea, and Calcium can cause constipation. Taking these two supplements together should cancel out those side-effects.


Western medicine do not understand the kidneys like Chinese doctors do. Western doctors known that the kidneys are responsible for fluid balance, waste elimination, regulation of blood pH and mineral balance. They also play an important role in red blood cell production, blood pressure regulation and converting vitamin D to its active form, calcitriol. Our …