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FREE Area and Perimeter: Area and Perimeter FREE Math Task Cards - This FREE printable packet focuses on the 3rd and 4th grade common core math skills of calculating area and perimeter of shapes.


Math: Area-Multiple ways to teach area using Post-Its and hands-on activities. Post-its are the perfect size to use on graph paper to calculate area!


E is for Explore!: area / perimeter; have students measure and cut out rectangles of various sizes and glue to white construction paper, leaving rectangles from white background. Find area of each rectangle and then compare to area of original white construction paper.


Math Project: The Great Gingerbread House Project

Teachers and homeschoolers, this project is an amazing way to close out one calendar year or open a new year. Designing and building the gingerbread houses creates an atmosphere of motivated engagement. The students feel the authenticity of the math challenges, and they’re excited to see their designs come to life. Students will make floor plans, calculate area and perimeter, and draw front and side view silhouettes. Then they build! Click this pin for more information and pics!

Brand new surface area worksheets just uploaded to our site!