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Injury to the calf muscle caused by strain leads to swelling. Bruising might be present. Strain occurs when the muscle fibers tear. If the calf muscle is partially or completely torn, bruising swelling and pain are present. Rupture can sometimes be obvious if the muscle "balls up" at the top of the calf. #Ares #Kinesiology #Tape #Taping


Yoga for a Calf Strain

A calf strain occurs when you tear your gastrocnemius or soleus muscle, the two largest muscles in your calf. Calf strains can be mild, resulting in minimal functional limitation, or severe, causing excruciating pain and limiting your ability to move or bear weight on the affected leg. Yoga stretches may help prevent and rehabilitate calf strains. If you have a calf strain, consult your doctor or physical therapist before beginning a yoga practice.