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Oh how some people forget history that it was the Republican Party that abolished the atrocity that is slavery.


Richard Milhous Nixon - Born Jan. 9, 1913-Apr. 22, 1994 - Republican Party - Vice President: Spiro T. Agnew; Gerald Ford. Buried: Yorba Linda, California.

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California isn’t the only state with water problems

During the initial exploration of America, Columbus killed off the majority of the native population.


Ronald Reagan Born Feb. 6,1911 - June 5, 2004 - Republican Party - Vice President: George H.W.Bush. Buried in Simi Valley, California.


Conservative and civil rights advocate Shannon F. Reeves is a Ronald E. McNair Graduate Fellow at the University of Alabama. He holds both a MPA and a BA in Political Science. He is the recipient of the George R. Mears Centennial Scholarship awarded by the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. He has served as Director of State and Local Development for the RNC, Secretary of the California Republican Party, and four-term President of the Oakland, CA branch of the NAACP.


COMPANIES ARE PEOPLE?? RULES AND TAXES SHOULD BE EQUAL TO WHAT PEOPLE ENDURE OR PAY!!Nestlé: Stop Stealing Water From Poor Communities! | Republican Dirty Tricks

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Anti-Hillary Clinton Buttons Reportedly At California GOP Convention Are Just Plain Disgusting

The anti-Hillary Clinton buttons that were reportedly spotted at a California Republican Party convention are quite simply offensive and disgusting.

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Demonstrators storm California GOP convention to protest Trump -

Protestors block traffic outside of the California Republican Party Convention where Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is scheduled to speak on April 29, 2016 in Burlingame, California. This man says it perfectly."It's part of the business, isn't it?" Marshall said. "I mean, I think it's unfortunate they don't want to have freedom of speech for everybody and want to have it all for themselves."